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2023 оны 02 сарын 01, Лхагва


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Зам тээврийн хөгжлийн яамны байранд өнгөрсөн наймдугаар сард хүн амины онц ноцтой хэрэг гарсан.

Тус яамны газрын дарга Г-г Төрийн удирдлагын хэлтсийн дарга Б.Махбал олон удаа цохиж өшиглөсний улмаас амийг нь хохироосон гэх хэргийг шалгаж дууссаад яллах дүгнэлт үйлдлүүлэх саналтайгаар Нийслэлийн прокурорт хэргийг шилжүүлжээ.

Уг хэрэгт Б.Махбалаас гадна тус газрын Төмөр зам, далайн тээврийн бодлогын хэрэгжилтийг зохицуулах газрын мэргэжилтэн н.Лхагвасүрэнг мөн яллагдагчаар татан шалгаж байгаа бөгөөд түүнийг гадуур шалгасан байна.

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Escalation training for police gains new prominence when the dispatch came out, All Officer Thaddeus Hines knew was that there was clearly a person having a "cerebral crisis" not to mention "Possibly reviewing this data a knife, Two elements that will likely make any cop's heart race. Hines, 24, Walked up to the ramshackle boardinghouse and gently bumped. right away, In training academies around the country, Officers are watching the video of Hines and others playing de escalation. working out teaches police to create space, Slow issues down, Ask open ended questions and hold off reaching for their guns to avoid ramping up confrontation. In the san francisco bay area, The San Francisco Police Department created a workout program that resulted in a 24percent decrease in use of force in 2019 compared with 2018. The the state of california legislature last year passed a law, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (h), Requiring de escalation practicing police, Which departments in Berkeley and San Diego have already commenced implementing. And a recent study shows that one form of charmdate de escalation training run by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) noticeably cut use of force incidents and injuries to citizens and officers for one big city department. "When we first began this whole journey, PERF account manager Director Chuck Wexler said, "The conventional wisdom was: 'Cops have to make split second decisions you will definately get officers hurt.' Now here we are in 2020 and you've got a study that says not only was there a decline in use of force and citizen injury, But the most important decline is in officer injuries, Police chiefs propose ways to slim down 'suicide by cop' each since 2015, Police officers in north america have killed about 1,000 human beings, based on a database compiled by The Washington Post. About 60percent of those cases involved a subject with a gun and thus weren't subjects for de escalation, Wexler claimed. PERF's program addresses about 200 of tenacious cases, In which rrndividuals are in mental crisis and often intent on committing "suicide by cop" covers Wexler calls "authorized but awful, One such case appears to have happened in October, When Philadelphia police shot and killed a man looming them with a knife. The shooting sparked violent confrontations in the city, With at least one council member criticizing officers and saying they must have employed de escalation. At a recent workout in Montgomery County, md, PERF pro Tom Wilson showed Montgomery police trainers how to teach de escalation to officers and recruits. The session mixed theory with 17 real world case studies including Hines's case presented through videos captured by officers' body worn cameras, Citizen cellphones and security camera systems. The Baltimore expert spoke softly, His hands out, No gun driven, And edged within within dozen feet of the woman. "I shouldn't be here no more, The woman yelled. "me and you, we are going to just talk, yes, The officer responded. "a dark tone good, left a comment Lt. john Friz, An academy fx broker. The video ended amazingly well, With the woman giving up her knife and even getting a small hug from the officer. The example for some appeared too rosy to provide to street cops. "nationwide, When we get going, It's dangerous faces, It's mean appears to be, Wilson said of skepticism from authorities. "And want that we wrap up with a day, is certainly like, 'Oh, I ensure it is. You're not seeking to me killed. You're just giving me more alternatives.'" The Montgomery footwear also watched officers in St. Louis respond to a report of a shoplifter who had just taken two drinks and a doughnut from a comfort store and was out on the sidewalk with a knife. seconds later, As captured by a citizen mobile, A police car pulled up, One of its front wheels popping up onto the sidewalk. Two reps got out. your shoplifter, along with his knife out, walked toward them. "What do all of you think, Wilson asked over. "representatives still rush in, celebrity fad Montgomery Lt. Marc Erme, Who later talked about the normal hero and warrior mentality among police. "They hear chef knives. In their minds, It's an unexpected emergency. They're moving into. They're apart closing that distance. They're instantaneously drawing their gun with the whole 'Drop the knife! Drop the knife!' And now it's just closed off all telecommunications, "reducing it down, Another specialist retorted, "Until he starts killing the phone store owner. And then it becomes that 'you're not doing all of your job.'".
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